Near Hoorn

In the center of the picturesque village of Schellinkhout and adjacent to the West Frisian Omringdijk, is our cottage overlooking the IJsselmeer (Hoornse Hop). An ideal place for an active holiday in a peaceful setting.

It is located to bike junction 62 and on cycling distance (4 km) from the historic town of Hoorn. Behind the dike, less than 50 meters from the house, is the recreation area Uiterdijk consisting of sunbathing areas and playing fields to the water of the IJsselmeer. An ideal place to sunbathe, play, swim or surf.

Schellinkhout originated from the former peat river The Dregt. The stronger banks in the wet peat were the only places that were suitable for habitation. The village road winding through the landscape clearly shows the track of the historical course of this river. The village is characterized by orchards, wide views and historic buildings such as the town house, the church and many traditional farmhouses.

In earlier times Hoorn lay at the Zuiderzee and was the seat of the trading company the Dutch East India Company (VOC). From the port of Hoorn voyages were made to the Far East. In Hoorn there are the warehouses, the East India House and other visible traces of VOC. The West Frisian Museum shows the history of the VOC.

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Het vakantiehuis

The holiday house